These Secret Tricks Will Help You Level Up Fast In Pokemon Go

With the world’s population quickly becoming full time Pokemon trainers (really fit ones at that), we here at Fraghero thought it’d be nice to put together a video to help everyone along their way.

One of the most difficult things to do in Pokemon Go is efficient levelling. Unlike the previous games, you can’t just walk into some tall grass and battle your way to the top. Pokemon can turn up literally anywhere in the world in Pokemon Go, but the spawn rate is incredibly random and quite low. Even with using lures and incense, you might come across a Pokemon a minute.



Every catch gives just 100 XP (unless you haven’t caught it before), gym battles only give a small smattering of XP and eggs are dependent on how fast you can cover the distance to hatch them. After the first few levels, levelling further in Pokemon Go can become quite the slog.

However, with the tips and tricks included in the video below, your XP accumulation will rapidly increase. More XP means higher levels which means better Pokemon. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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