These U.S Marines caught a Murder Suspect while playing Pokemon Go

Two US Marines who were playing Pokemon Go stepped in and stopped a person who was trying to harass children while playing the game. The person who was stopped was a murder suspect and was behaving very strangely.

The incident occurred while two US Marines Seth Ortega and Javier Soch were playing the augmented reality game at a park situated in Fullerton, California. The suspect, first started approaching a woman who was accompanied by her three children but they managed to run away from him.


Soon after that, the suspect started approaching another woman who was with her two kids. He even touched one of the two children inappropriately. Ortega and Soch, then stepped in and stop the person this time. At the time of the incident, most of the people present in the park were playing Pokemon Go.



The police was immediately informed about the incident and both the Marines held the suspect until they arrived. The man was then arrested and charged of ‘child annoyance’. It was also found out later that the same person already had an outstanding warrant for an attempted murder in a different Californian city.

Source: ABC7.