This Chinese ‘Overwatch’ rip-off is horrible in every possible way

Overwatch has been a massive hit with more than ten million people playing the game that has clocked more than 119 million hours of play time already, with the numbers increasing every hour. The Blizzard game which was released on May 24 was able to achieve these incredible numbers in a very short span of time.

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Looking at the success of the game, a Chinese developer, whose name translates into Xian Vulcan Network Technology, decided to clone Overwatch and port it to mobiles in China. The new game is called League of Titans and it is not the first time that a Chinese software house has ripped off a successful game.

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According to reports, the Chinese developer started developing the game after Overwatch‘s open beta attracted around 10 million players. This means League of Titans went into development before Overwatch was released.

League of Titans, which is said to be the world’s first FPS + MOBA game, is being displayed publicly in China. The developer also claims to have invested more than $2 million in the game.

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Blizzard will now have to be very careful if they decide to take action against the developer of League of Titans as they already have some bitter experience in dealing with China in the past due to their World of Warcraft game. It would advisable for them to use a third party from within China and take their steps quietly rather than trying to shut the game down directly.

Here are some more image of the Overwatch clone League of Titans:

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The game looks like a cheap rip-off and hopefully Blizzard can figure out a way to shut them down soon because it’s absolutely unacceptable for people like this to try and steal or ride off someone else’s popular work.