This Fallout 4 player spent 750 hours playing the game to complete this insane challenge

Players have an option to explore a lot of things in Fallout 4. The game itself shows various locations to the players to explore, whereas there are a lot of other places which players can explore on their own.

One player, who is known by his online name “The LAWD” has managed to see all the 291 optional locations in the game. It took nine months and about 750 hours to achieve the feat. He even documented his experience on YouTube.

Image: Vice

Image: Vice

In an interview with Vice‘s Patrick Klepek, the man behind this feat, Thomas (name changed as he didn’t want to be named publicly) said,

“I always enjoyed just walking around the map and running into things and going ‘Oh, that’s not on the map.”

He added, “That always sparked my interest.”

He also mentioned that every location has a story, but it depends on the player how he comes up with it.


“You just have to make up your own mind on what happened,” he said.


He also shared some crazy details about how he begun this insane task, challenges he faced, and the secrets he found while doing so.


Initially he started making the videos for himself and archived them in YouTube. His videos were watched by a very less amount of people until one of his friends suggested him to submit his YouTube channel on Reddit. The idea worked out and he now has more that 4,000 subscribers.

“It’s very motivating to have those dedicated people,” he said. “One of them even referred to me as a daily routine, because I release a video almost every day. […] I went in the space of month from having 20 subscribers, half of which were family, to about 4,000 people. [laughs] A lot of them cared more about where I was and what I was doing more so than my family.”

Thomas also mentioned that Fallout: New Vegas was his first open world or Role Playing Game experience.


“My grandma just said ‘Do you want a game?’ and took me down to the game store,” he said.

He added, “Fallout: New Vegas was just sitting there on the shelf. […] Have you seen the cover of Fallout: New Vegas yourself? It’s pretty cool. None of the other games looked that cool, so I went ‘Oh, I’ll pick that one.'”

He fell in so much love with Fallout: New Vegas that he missed schools and played the game for more than 400 hours.

“Had to be done,” he laughed.


That 400 hours with Fallout: New Vegas was just the start. He spent more than 1000 hours with Skyrim and explored every dungeon, bought every possible item and did every possible thing in the game.

“For some reason, these kinds of RPGs, open world games, I just have to complete it,” he said. “That’s why I’m not allowed near World of Warcraft, just in case. [laughs]”

At this moment Thomas has started a video series for Skyrim  that’s similar to the Fallout 4. In the near future he plans to explore the optional locations in Fallout 4 DLCs, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim.


Thomas said it’s going to take him more than two years to achieve the goals if he does a video a day.