This guy made ‘Minecraft’ in Fallout 4 and it’s crazy

Image: mirci33

The commonwealth is a dangerous place to survive with super mutants, raiders, deathclaws and radscorpions roaming around freely. On the other hand, surviving in Minecraft also isn’t easy at all.

Minecraft players must always be in search of food, shelter and always be ready to counter the dangers of the night. One single negligence can cost the hard work of a full day. This is where someone has drawn a similarity between both the games and created a new Fallout 4 mod.

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Image: mirci33

Image: mirci33

User mirci33 has made a new mod which recreates the Minecraft blocky look in Fallout 4. The enemies of Minecraft, such as creepers, skeletons and spiders are also brought into Fallout 4 in a weird version.

Steve, the mascot of Minecraft, is also seen in the wasteland wearing gold or diamond armor. This mod is a great one for the Fallout 4 players who wants to gain XP by battling Minecraft creatures.

The mod, however, doesn’t allow players to dig into the earth like in a real Minecraft game, and doesn’t have a Minecraft style crafting system. The description of the mod, on the other hand, reads that a portal has been created by Steve accidentally and the devils of Fallout 4 have rushed into Minecraft, but things are just the opposite. The mod gives us a feel that the horrors of Minecraft are actually introduced to Fallout 4.

Image: mirci33

Image: mirci33

There have been a lot of nice Fallout 4 mods of late but this mod will definitely give the players a different feel. You’ll definitely love try it if you are a Minecraft as well as a Fallout 4 fan.

You can download the mod here.