This guy spent five years building this Minecraft castle

In the past we have seen a lot Minecraft players building stunning castles in the game. Similarly, one Minecraft player danrharvey started building his castle five years ago and it looks amazing now.


“It was fairly aimless at first”, he says.

He added“I just started building a castle, with tunnels beneath, then about three or four months in, during an electrical storm my computer crashed and the save game corrupted. Disheartened, I stepped away from the game for a while, but it began to stew in my mind to start a new build, but it had to be big, and cool. Then one morning I awoke from a dream with an idea fully formed in my head. I’d build a castle with four different sides, because Minecraft is on a square grid. Each side would be similar, especially around the central tower, but as you moved out, the four sides would take on their own personality and function.”


There are four sides in his massive castle which are – Residence side consisting housing and gardens, Town side which has all the stores and churches, Fortress side with the defensive power and a Factory side which consists the farms and other buildings.

danrharvey has worked really well on the details of the castle and it looks really amazing and real. Thumbs up to him.


You can have a look at more images of the castle here.