This guy’s the first Pokemon Go player to ‘catch em all’ including region exclusive Pokemon

One Pokemon Go player has managed to catch all the Pokemon in the game. Nick Johnson officially becomes the first person in the world to catch ’em all in the augmented reality game. Prior to achieving this feat, Johnson also became the first trainer to catch all the pocket monsters in North America.

pokemon go444

Johnson received a sponsorship from Marriott Rewards and Expedia to travel all over the world in search of some Pokemon based in geo-locked locations. He went over to Paris, Sydney and Hong Kong to catch the region exclusive Pokemon.

A couple of days ago, he caught his final missing Pokemon, Kangaskhan which now gives him a complete collection. Kangaskhan is available only in Australia and New Zealand and Johnson managed to catch it in front of a Tommy Bahama shop.

Johnson said that other trainers provided him with tips which helped in completing his collection. He also found Mr. Mime in Paris after finding a hint about its location in an interview. He was able to catch the clownish character while riding an Uber during midnight in Paris.



The trainer is now in the final city of his world tour, which is Tokyo. He received a warm welcome from the trainers in the country where Pokemon was born. He is currently enjoying his vacation, and hopes Niantic adds more characters to the game in the future along with Legendary Pokemon.