This hidden trick allows you to use incense in Pokemon Go more effectively

In Pokemon Go, incense is used to tempt Pokemon to the location of the trainer from their general location. Players are generally seen using incense whenever they are at home, work or any other place where they are unable to take a stroll in search of Pokemon.

However, a Redditor called __isitin__ has discovered that the coding of Pokemon Go doesn’t help the players much who uses incense without any movement. Generally, incense spawns a Pokemon every five minutes when the players are not making any movement.


This spawning rate, however, can be increased to one per minute if the players manages to move 200 meters in between every spawn.



At that rate, the players will need to cover one kilometer in five minutes to get the maximum out of the Incense. The players will actually need to jog at a speed of 12 kilometer per hour to meet this target.

Although on paper they should be able to collect 30 Pokemon while travelling at this speed using incense, the server and the faulty tracking system of the game will reduce it to 10-15, which is also a good number.


So, it is advisable for players not to use the incense while sitting down or not making any movement. Incense is a rare item and the players will receive it for free only while leveling up, and therefore it makes more sense to use it along with the tips mentioned above to get far better results with your Pokemon catching escapades.