This Iraq Veteran is Missing a Hand But Can Still Beat You in Call of Duty

A few years ago, a young American military veteran named Aaron Soetaert got into an unfortunate incident where he ended up losing the entirety of his right arm. Along with that, he also suffered a traumatic brain injury, a severely damaged knee, a fractured ankle and even PTSD due to the incident. The real kicker is that this happened while back home – far away from the warzone where you would expect something like that to happen.

However, far from letting the experience ruin his life, this young man has used it to let him flourish, and as a gamer, no less. In the video below, you’ll see how Aaron has learned to not only adapt to gaming with just one hand, but how to totally kick ass with it.

Now, remember, Aaron done everything you just saw in that video with just one hand. How completely ridiculous is that? The man has developed some insane skills, to be sure.

Aaron’s YouTube channel is dedicated mainly to videos of him trouncing players on COD with one hand, and they’re very impressive to say the least. The fact that he manages to do so well and to have progressed so much is a testament to his will, and to the ceaselessly surprising capabilities of the human race.

Along with continuing to improve and progress as a gamer, Aaron leads a very active lifestyle outside of gaming too, continuing to practice his other love of basketball despite his injuries. Other videos on his channel depict how he deals with living with one hand (sometimes in rather amusing ways). In these videos, Aaron makes a point of making the best of his situation, and does a great job of showing the power of a positive mindset.

Source: Aaron's Youtube Channel

Source: Aaron’s Youtube Channel

Source: Aaron's Facebook

Source: Aaron’s Facebook

Aaron is involved with a lot of charity work and spends a large amount of his time helping and inspiring other amputees. What he has managed to overcome and achieve is absolutely exceptional. If you want to assist Aaron in continuing to do the wonderful things he does, be sure to head to his YouTube channel and Facebook page and give his videos a watch and a like.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the official Fraghero Facebook page too, as we will have the privilege of doing a live stream with Aaron next week.