The real reason GTA V hasn’t got any single player DLC ever

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a good few years now but Rockstar is yet to release any single-player DLC for it. This has many gamers thinking as to why there hasn’t been any DLC content released for the game although it was such a massive commercial and critical success.

We finally might have an answer to this question thanks to the recently concluded earnings conference call by Take-Two Interactive for Q3 2015.


According to Take-Two their net revenue for Q3 was $486.8 million as compared to $954 million in last year’s third quarter. The dip in earnings is mostly due to no notable releases from its stables during this time period while last year had quite a few of them.


However, that’s still a large amount of money and most of it is due to one title: Grand Theft Auto V. You might be wondering how that’s possible but it’s obvious.

This is due to Grand Theft Auto Online which is the standalone online component of the game. The online product seems to be raking in serious moolah for Take-Two and it’s no surprise that there’s been no single-player DLC pack release for GTA V.

Rockstar is busy adding more features to the online experience and releasing DLC for GTA Online regularly and has had no time to focus on GTA V’s single-player aspects.

Rockstar is fully committed to improving the experience for gamers and has been known to release several additions to improve the product.

gta sniping feature

This has prevented them from focusing on the single-player game and considering how successful GTA Online has proven to be, it is likely there won’t ever be a single-player DLC pack for GTA V.


Take-Two’s promised even more content for GTA Online in days to come which will further boost revenue. When there is money being made, who cares about keeping up old promises such as releasing an expansion pack for the single-player aspect of GTA V?

Take-Two clearly doesn’t but don’t write them off completely. We might have an announcement during E3 this year that might prove us wrong (we hope).