This is the worst PS4/Xbox One videogame to have ever released

Gamers often have the task of trying to decide what platform to play a game on: PC or console. Sometimes it really does not make a huge difference in regards to features, quality, or even the community. However, when it comes to Lichdom: Battlemage, the answer is clear to keep it PC.

This game was released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on April 19 2016, nearly two years after its initial release on PC.

Image: Lichdom: Battlemage

There have been many successful games making the move from PC to console and vice versa, but this one was nothing short of a disaster.

After viewing DigitalFoundry’s YouTube video demonstrating this FUBAR of a console debut, I decided to watch some streamers on Twitch to see it for myself; sadly, they were not wrong. It’s rough.


The frame rate of this game barely gets to 15fps, and that’s intermittent. There are ridiculous loading times. The Xbox One version displays significantly darker than the PS4 and PC versions. I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes of an Xbox One streamer before pouring myself a glass of wine to calm my nerves from irritability.

It was almost unbearable to watch. The PS4 streamer had a little cleaner quality but you could still tell that the frame rate was lethargic. I enjoyed watching the PC streamer because there were no issues with textures loading in slowly, frame rate dips, or excessive lag.

lichdom feature

This is CryEngine 3’s first game running in full 1080p resolution for the Xbox One. Although this is progression for them, it does raise a flag in regards to playable quality. With nearly two years in between PC and console releases, there should have been more testing and tweaking before releasing it on Xbox One and PS4.

Maximum Games might be the real culprits, though, since they conducted the port. The company did release an announcement about wanting the improve the game to make it more enjoyable for its players, touching on poor frame rates and achievements not unlocking properly.



It’s disappointing because this game looks really fun to play. As a huge FPS fan that has a love for mage-type characters, I would be inclined to spend the $49.99 on it if I didn’t already know that the poor quality would make me want to break my controller in half.