This is what the Nintendo Switch looks like

Nintendo Switch has just been announced. The console was previously known as Nintendo NX. The brand new Switch is designed as a portable console which can easily be carried while travelling and also be connected to a TV at home.


Here are some impressive images of Nintendo’s brand new console Switch:

All of the images are courtesy of Nintendo and have been captured from its official reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo_Switch_1.0 (1) Nintendo_Switch_1.0 Nintendo_Switch_2.0 Nintendo_Switch_3.0 Nintendo_Switch_4.0 (1) Nintendo_Switch_5.0 (1) Nintendo_Switch_6.0 Nintendo_Switch_7.0 Nintendo_Switch_8.0 Nintendo_Switch_9.0 Nintendo_Switch_10.0 Nintendo_Switch_11.0 Nintendo_Switch_12.0 Nintendo_Switch_13.0 Nintendo_Switch_14.0 Nintendo_Switch_17.0 Nintendo_Switch_18.0

Awesome, isn’t it?