This is where the first spawn of a Legendary Bird might take place

Update: And it turned out to be false information. Niantic’s Comic Con panel revealed a lot of interesting new information but didn’t see the spawn of a Legendary bird during the panel. It also made it clear that no Legendary Pokemon would be spawning until the game’s rolled out across the world and the servers are far more stable. Bummer

It’s been a little over three weeks now that Pokemon Go has been available. Niantic is slowly rolling it out across the world starting with the U.S, Australia, New Zealand and following it with releases across the U.K, France and recently Japan.

I don’t need to tell you how popular the game’s become and trainers have already dug deep into the game, uncovering various details and accomplishing challenging tasks. One trainer has already caught all available Pokemon in U.S.A.


One thing that’s on everyone’s mind, however, is that noone’s been able to find any of the Legendary Pokemon in the wild yet. However, the team mascots and legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno might finally spawn soon.


According to Philip Defranco, a popular Youtube star, the first spawn for the legendary birds would be the panel hosted by Niantic at San Diego, Comic Con. The panel is scheduled for later today, precisely at 2:00-3:00 PM, PST.

Anyone attending the panel might be able to capture their first legendary Pokemon. Although we cannot independently verify this piece of news, Philip doesn’t seem like a guy who would just spread such information to mislead people. We hope this proves true.