This No Man’s Sky player hasn’t even left his first planet yet

No Man’s Sky allows players to explore an open universe to their heart’s content. However, not every player is experiencing the game in similar ways. Rather than venturing around throughout the universe, one player has spent 30 hours exploring his starter planet alone.

Jorgen Fernandez has yet to explore any other area of the game than his initial planet of Kahbaatangs. It appears that his planet is a vast desert complete with a 24 hour rain cycle. There are also distinguishable day and night hours on Kahbaatangs, but most of the planet is ridden in various shades of green.

“The worst thing about my planet was the lifelessness and lack of diversity a desert planet inherently has. Luckily it wasn’t an extreme environment planet. The sentinels on the planet are low security so I didn’t have to deal with them much.”



It seems like the lack of inventory space is the main culprit behind Fernandez’s decision to hold off on visiting other parts of the galaxy. Instead of constantly fighting with the game’s limited inventory, he decided to take full advantage of the planet’s abundant gold deposits.

“It all started when I looted a couple of trade commodities and was quickly running out of inventory slots. Strapped for slots, I finally found a vendor I could offload all my stuff. Then after taking off I found a drop pod not too far from the vendor. Curiously, I inspected it and found that I could buy more exo suit slots (and could afford it).

“Upon taking off I found another drop pod and bought up another slot. Then I started stumbling into outposts that eventually lead me to crashed ships/ new multitools. Fed up with always not having space in my inventory, I made it my mission to track down all the drop pod, crashed ships, and multitool vendors I could find. One thing lead to another and I had realized I was almost done with all the upgrades so I felt the need to max everything out.”

kahbaatangs 2

What was Fernandez’s next challenge on Kahbaatangs? Finding all of the animals and plants inhabiting it, of course.  Here’s what he came across in his adventuring:

“The fauna seems to be your run of the mill hopping blob/mushroom creatures, some flying creatures, giant roided out deer looking things, and quadrupedal cat-like creatures with glowy bits.”

kahbaatangs 3

Fernandez does plan to leave his starter planet at some point, but he does mention a few advantages of spending so much time on Kahbaatangs. He’s maxed out all of his slots, he’s fluent in Gek, and he’s only one life form away from completing his planetary records for the planet.

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