This Overwatch Map might be holding a huge easter egg

In the Hanamura map in Overwatch, a rather large Easter Egg may have been found recently regarding the game characters Hanzo and Genji. The Easter Egg in question is located on the scroll that hangs on the wall near the final capture point in the map, and has four Kanji characters written on it.

The scroll itself is very prominent in the Overwatch “Dragons” short, where the character Hanzo can be seen praying to it shortly before getting into a fight with his originally presumed dead brother Genji.

Those four Kanji characters apparently translate to “Dragon head, Snake tail” – an old oriental saying that means a strong start but a weak finish. What does that mean in regards to the game?

Well, some fans have taken to thinking that due to the scroll’s placement and the similarities between the Dragon mentioned on the scroll and the Ultimate attacks of Genji and Hanzo (as seen in the short as well), that it refers specifically to the story and relationship those characters share.

That seems to be a pretty reasonable assumption, given that everything in the game was put in there deliberately by Blizzard, and thus it could very well have a connection to those characters.



However, the scroll could also be simply a coincidence, albeit an extremely unlikely one. Blizzard is known for their attention to detail with their games (for example, the litany of Easter Eggs present in World of Warcraft) and Overwatch is looking to be no different.



Although it’s unclear at this time as to exactly how the quote might refer to the story between Hanzo and Genji, it would suggest that there might be a kind of “weak” finish to their story.

More details will hopefully become apparent through time, and we’ll be able to piece together more of the puzzle that this scroll represents, along with other pieces possibly still hidden within the game.