This Overwatch Player has Already Reached Level 100, Here’s How Many Hours He’s Played

Overwatch has been out for merely over a week now and the game’s doing really well. Activision Blizzard has pulled off a stunner and the community playing the game grows with every passing day.

The game has also managed to win over the critics and the gaming community has been extremely vocal about how good the game is. Some gamers are playing the game for hours on end and one of them has already managed to reach the coveted level 100 rank in the game.

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Image credit: FenderellaKN

Twitch streamer FenderellaKN has accomplished this in about 7 days and he made a stream celebrating this achievement earlier this week. The streamer and Overwatch addict has clocked over 92 hours in the game so far and the average streaming session lasts for around 15 hours. Crazy.

He also mentioned that he plays the game for about 13 hours a day on an average. He prefers playing as Pharah, the offensive tactical hero the most, and he has a 51 percent win rate. The guy’s played a total of 727 games (might have increased now) the last time we checked.


Image credit: FenderellaKN

Interestingly, Overwatch doesn’t have a level cap however your level is reset to 1 after reaching 100. This means 101 level would show up as 1 but you get a cool new border every time you reach the level 100 rank and also a star under your profile pic. (image above).

During a reddit AMA, the streamer assured that he didn’t game share with anyone else and has reached the prestigious rank all by himself. His streams are a testament to this claim and it’s definitely not an easy feat, considering the game’s just out for little more than a week right now.