This Pokemon Go theory might explain where Mew is hiding


Pokemon Go players have a been in search of Easter Eggs which will help them in finding the Pokemon that are currently missing from the game. One Easter Egg which allows three different evolutions of Eevee was confirmed by Niantic at SDCC last Sunday.

On the other hand, the players were also trying different methods to find Ditto after knowing that it’s out there somewhere. However, players are now after Mew, and they think that its unlocking is related to the original Pokemon game.


Many Pokemon fans who had been following the franchise from the very start will know that the first mythical Pokemon was Mew. Mew’s existence was first known when the players were exploring the ruined Cinnabar Mansion where they found a journal which stated that Mew was discovered in Guyana.

This could imply that Mew might be lurking at the same location. Another point to be noted is that Mew was discovered on July 5th, just a day before Pokemon Go was released.

The above theory sounds crazy, but the story of Mew’s origin is also quite absurd. Mew was first added to Pokemon Red and Blue just a few days before the game was completed without Nintendo’s knowledge by its creator, Shigeki Morimoto.

After the existence of Mew in the game was found by the fans, the game’s sales increased rapidly in Japan.


There are strong possibilities that Mew could be lurking at some of the most remote locations. It is also likely that the Pokemon will be distributed by Niantic via planned Pokemon Go events in the future.