This Pokemon Go Tracker is The Best Alternative To Pokevision and Can’t Get Shutdown By Niantic

The Pokemon GO community gave Niantic a ton of backlash once its latest update hit their phones. The elimination of the game’s tracking mechanic has been one of the biggest complaints in regards to the update, especially since Niantic also got third-party Pokemon tracking apps shut down.

You can download the iOS app here. Android users can download from here.

We previously shared some information about a new Pokemon tracking app, but wanted to further explain why this app can be pretty handy if you’re an avid Pokemon hunter. It doesn’t violate Niantic’s terms or service since it does rely on their API in order to obtain any data; All of the information is crowd sourced. But what exactly does this mean, and how does it really work?


With the app, you can filter through which specific Pokemon you’re looking for. When players find a Pokemon, they can mark on the map where they found it at. With the collection of data submitted by players it’s easy to spot where a spawn nest is located, which is a major plus, especially considering the recent changes in spawn nests. The same thing also works with locating gyms and Pokestops, which can be helpful if you’re in a different area visiting friends or family, on vacation, or just adventuring around.


The app currently has locations of over a million Pokemon, and that’s just in the United States alone. You can download the iOS app here. Android users can download from here.