This Pokemon Go trick allows you to get more steps while trying to hatch eggs

Have you been facing problems in tracking the Egg distance in Pokemon GO? If yes, then there is some good news for you because a Reddit user named Isantum has discovered a useful trick to improve the Egg Distance tracking experience.

All you need to do is just open the journal when you receive infinite Pokeball loader. This forces the app to refresh the current state the game is in, and saves it irrespective of your progress.



The trick has already been tested by Pokemon Go Hub, a Pokemon Go informative website on an Android device and has confirmed that it works.

This trick should definitely help the players who had faced this issue due to different reasons. Slow network or massive traffic can be the two major reasons why the distance of hatching eggs are misinterpreted in the game.


On the other hand, this simple trick actually refreshes and saves the game for the players which prevents it from the losing the actual distance covered by the player. When they uses a straight path with this trick, they’ll be able to hatch a 2 KM egg in just 20 minutes or even less than that.

Hope this helps.