This product promises to solve an age-old issue for gamers: sweaty hands while gaming


Since its inception, technological advancements and innovations have been an integral part of gaming’s evolution. Without the tools of the trade, the creative energy behind it all simply couldn’t apply itself.

The limits and boundaries expand as technology progresses, and the capabilities of one of the most incredible and fastest-growing industries on the planet truly reflect that. Technology gave us the gaming industry; and the rampant creativity associated with games development is in itself an application of said technology.

That’s only one such application though – technology is also used, for example, to ensure consumers can enjoy their gaming experience in the most stress-free, relaxing way possible. We see this in a tonne of stuff, such as gaming chairs, ergonomically designed controllers, and so on. Respectively, these were created to deal with problems like sore backs and hand pains, among other things. There’s one problem we’re yet to see solved, though – well, until now.

Sweaty hands.

And that’s where Coolnado comes in.


It’s beautifully designed – sleek, stylish, and streamlined.

Coolnado is a nifty little gadget meant to prevent us precious gamers from dealing with the incredibly annoying prospect of sweaty hands whilst gaming – something you may not necessarily notice at first, but when you do, you can’t ignore it.

The device itself is essentially a sort of fan, or if you want to get all fancy about it, a “targeted airflow system”. That sounds better, doesn’t it? I think I’ll just start referring to all fans as targeted airflow systems now. “Hey, can I borrow that targeted airflow system you’ve got over there?”

It can be powered via any standard micro USB cable, which means rather conveniently, you’ll be able to power it up by simply connecting it to your computer, your console, or just the nearest socket given you’ve got a suitable adapter. Whatever floats your boat (or powers your targeted airflow system).


“I. Need. This. Now.”

It’ll be particularly useful for longer gaming sessions, where you’ll be using some sort of controller or mouse/keyboard for any prolonged period of time; and it’s said to “cool and dry” sweaty hands in less than 5 seconds.

Not only that, though – it apparently just feels relaxing in the sense that you’ll find yourself using it simply because it’s soothing. Check out the video below to get a look at what some of the community had to say.

Coolnado is currently on Kickstarter, seeking the necessary funding for fees, components, finalizing the design, and manufacturing and tooling.


A handy chart from the Kickstarter page.

They’re available for pre-order already, with the option to pre-order 1, 2, or even buy in bulk. You just need to choose your LED color, micro USB color, and you’re set. Personally, I’m hoping these do come to see the light of day. It’s a fine example of innovation and creativity in the interest of the consumer, and that’s something we could all do with a little more of these days.

If you’re with me, head over to the Kickstarter and show some support.