This upcoming videogame lets you explore ruins of a Mythical world as a Wolf

Lost Ember

Recently, Mooneye Studios showcased their upcoming indie game on Kickstarter – Lost Ember. It focuses on exploring a mythical world through the eyes of a wolf. It’ll enter full production if the studio can raise €100’000 before Monday, November 14th.

The team is going through Kickstarter so they can finish developing the game whilst still retaining their creative freedom and flexibility – an admirable reason, if there ever was one.

Lost Ember

What you’d get for pledging would be the following (see more here):

If you don’t know what Kickstarter is: you can buy the different editions of the game and if we reach our goal, the game will be developed and you will receive everything you ordered at the release of the game! In case we don’t reach our goal, don’t worry: you don’t have to pay anything!

Lost Ember

Further on, they go more in-depth about what the game involves – and it sounds exciting and fresh, despite what one might initially perceive:

In Lost Ember you uncover the secrets of a fallen civilization as a wolf that has to find his place in the world. With the ability to control every animal you see, you have everything you need to find your way to Machu Kila – the city that shall answer all the questions that your mysterious companion raises.

You can see the trailer below; and be sure to check out the Kickstarter page if you’d like to pledge or find out more about that game. We’ll keep you updated as Lost Ember progresses – and until then, keep an eye out for our other stories, like Pokemon GO’s new way of discovering Pokemon.