Three important features that are missing from Pokemon Go right now

Niantic has done a good job in developing Pokemon Go. Although the game had major server issues and glitches that have been greatly improved upon, Pokemon Go is a great game to play.

The massively successful game has earned a lot of praise for the developer, Niantic Labs. I know developing an augmented reality game is a tough task and Niantic has fared really well, but there are some features that Niantic has missed while developing the game.



The following are the three important things that Niantic should have included in the game:

1. An option to bulk select Pokemon



I think everyone is tired of selecting Pokemon such as Pidgeys and Rattatas one by one for transferring them. There should have been an option which let the players to select the Pokemon all together, just like a phone gallery allows us to select multiple photos and videos.

2. Improvised Pokemon tracking



Pokemon tracking is one of the biggest issues that Pokemon Go has faced. This also creates too much pressure on the server. As a solution to this, Niantic could have enabled tracking from the client’s side.

Here’s how the method would work:

The position of the Pokemon is sent by the server every time a Pokemon updates, but it is not shown in the map. You can then move to the nearby list and find an arrow which will show which way the Pokemon is. This whole process could be handled by your phone.

3. Fix gym poaching


There are players who steal gyms with their own Pokemon after somebody else has done the hard work of clearing it out. This results is the victorious team missing out the gym. If Niantic had allowed a cooldown period of say, 60 seconds or so, where only the participants of the final winning battle can interact with the gym, this problem wouldn’t have risen. This would also provide ample time for the battle winning team to heal up and award them with the much deserved gym.

We hope Niantic would add these features to the game soon.