Titanfall 2 release date revealed, first single player trailer released

Titanfall 2, EA

Earlier today, a trailer showcasing the sequel to EA’s highly successful 2014 title Titanfall was leaked ahead of it’s official E3 presentation. New details and information owe themselves to the newly leaked footage, which

EA has since released the trailer on its official channel since it was pretty much out for everyone to see due to the leak.

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall 2, EA

A multitude of things have been made apparent going by the new trailer – of course, if it wasn’t already incredibly clear, there will indeed be a singleplayer, offline campaign for the highly anticipated sequel.

News that, undoubtedly, will excite many fans of the previous game; an actual campaign was one of the most prominent desires made clear, after all. Furthermore, the trailer confirmed in the ending moments that firstly, there will be a multiplayer “tech test” taking place at some point before launch, and secondly, said launch is being planned for October 28th this year.

As opposed to the original Titanfall, you’ll be able to catch the sequel on both current generation consoles, and on PC, via Origin. Check out the trailer below.

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