Top Creators are Threatening to Leave YouTube Due to This Terrible Bug

A ton of the top channels on Youtube have been demonetized recently, which means they can’t get paid for ads on their videos anymore. On Twitter, they all got together and started talking about what’s next…

Some of them are threatening to revolt if Youtube doesn’t take care of this and get their stuff together, and some are talking about leaving the site altogether. Others are thinking of starting their own websites and not having to rely on Youtube at all anymore. There are pros and cons to this move, but if enough of the top channels with the biggest followings got together, would you follow them to a new platform?

Could you imagine waking up to find out that your boss just decided that you aren’t getting paid anymore? That’s what happened to these people essentially. They create the content, they promote it, Youtube gets a cut and has their platform grow massively thanks to the content from these and other creators, then these channels get cut off and told they aren’t allowed to make money anymore.

It’s unclear if this ties into the on-going boycott of Youtube by many prominent advertisers, who are upset about some of the types of content their ads were being featured alongside, such as hate speech and other offensive things. The problem is when channels are getting flagged and demonetized when they aren’t even remotely close to being offensive or hateful.

UPDATE: Youtube has responded to this chaos via Twitter:

In the comments, even more people have come forward about their videos being randomly demonetized over the years, but not having any recourse since they have smaller channels.