Toys “R” Us Just Inadvertently Leaked the Nintendo Switch Price

When Nintendo recently announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch, it generated a huge amount of buzz. Fans have been anticipated a new console from Nintendo for a while and The Switch seemed to satisfy their appetite. Since its announcement, however, there has been a lot of discussion as to how Nintendo will price the game when it launches next year. Toys “R” Us may have answered that question already.

Nintendo’s new console, which will launch some time in 2017 is a hybrid system that combines mobile and home console gaming. It’s expected to hit both audience and appeal to a wide range of players. Nintendo expect gamers to be playing at home and then to take the console with them on the move. A multiplayer aspect has also been anticipated form watching the trailer.

Toys “R” Us in Canada has “leaked” ¬†that the console will be sold at an RRP of $329.99 Canadian dollars. The amount roughly translates to around $249 in U.S dollars.

It would make sense for Nintendo to hit this sort of mark as they know they have stiff competition from Microsoft and Sony and their respective machines, which will be more powerful than The Switch will be.

Source: TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

The Switch will still holds its own weight though. It will be powered by Nvidia technology, have a 720p resolution touch screen and will contain 4GB of RAM.

Do you think this is a good price point for Nintendo? Happy with it, worried about how many units will sell or even disappointed by it? Let us know!