Trainer explains how he got 25 rare and uncommon spawns using a single Incense

Earlier this month, we wrote about a theory revolving around the use of incense in Pokémon GO, and how to use it most effectively. In the simplest of terms, we basically said that the more secluded you are from roads, gyms, Pokéstops and so on, the more likely you’d be to find rare Pokémon with incense. For the full rundown on how to most effectively use your incense, take a look at this.

Now, it seems, that theory is expanding. One player, who goes by the Reddit username of Phobeef, has claimed that the speed at which you move may be linked to which Pokémon you catch. More specifically, the speed at which you move whilst secluded from the places mentioned above.

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Phobeef told Reddit that he was moving at approximately two-hundred meters a minute, or 3.33m/s. Supposedly, that’s the minimum speed you’ll need for the trick to work. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t go much faster, either. If you do, you’ll be going so fast that the Pokémon will be too hard to catch.

Pokémon GO


We recommend that you stay well between two hundred and three hundred meters a minute – not too fast, and not to slow. Just right.

So, if you were to make sure of the following…

  1. You’re in an area where all of the following criteria are met: no streets, gyms, or Pokéstops are nearby, and where no “wild Pokémon” spawn.
  2. You’re moving at approximately two-hundred to three-hundred meters per minute.
  3. You’re using incense.

You’d probably catch a healthy supply of rare/uncommon Pokémon. And if not…

Pokémon GO


Well. It was worth a try, wasn’t it? For more on the trick, and to get the full rundown from the user themselves, head over to the official Reddit post.