Trainers discover major change to Egg hatching speed in Pokemon Go

There have been reports from players residing in Australia, U.K and the US that the speed of hatching eggs in Pokemon Go has increased. To check if these claims were true, Pokemon GO Hub decided to do their own testing and confirmed that the speed of hatching eggs in the game has indeed increased.

This change was done under the hood by Ninatic without any formal announcement regarding the same but has been welcome by the Pokemon Go community.

They mentioned that some players reported of the distance tracker working even while biking while others claimed that the tracker updates more often now. It previously took around 4-5 minutes to update the tracker. This has resulted in the tracker becoming more reliable than ever before.



According to the report of Pokemon GO Hub, which means either Niantic has increased the top speed allowed to hatch an egg, or they increased the frequency of detecting the traveled distance. There is also a possibility that Niantic changed both of these settings.

Gabbe95 on Reddit claimed that the game registered his top speed at 20 MPH and even asked if any other players have tried testing this.

“Did some testing after hearing about the increase to refresh rate of GPS location and the ‘walking’ speed of being able to hatch eggs. After going different speeds I found roughly around 20 MPH is where it’ll finally stop. I easily hatched a 10K egg by driving around my neighborhood for about 10 minutes. Anyone else do any testing of their own? Edit: Just to be clear I wasn’t the one driving while playing.”



However, Pokemon GO Hub mentioned that their test results didn’t clock up to 20 MPH, but somewhere around 12.5 MPH, which is also impressive.

Niantic also confirmed about the change in Twitter post.

This is definitely a good news for players who love to bike and jog while playing Pokemon Go.