Trainers uncover when trading is coming to Pokemon Go


The buddy system was confirmed by Niantic a couple of days ago on the Pokemon GO website. Niantic ended the official statement of the announcement by stating “We’ve got a lot more in the works this fall”. This suggests that the developer of Pokemon GO, Niantic is working on something and a lot of people are guessing it to be Trading.

One of the main sources to claim the existence of the Pokemon Go Trading System is Pokemon GO centric website Pokemon Go Hub. They have also come up with some valid proof to back up their claim that Pokemon GO Trading System will come in fall this year.

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They have successfully data-mined various code bases that can prove that the Trading system does exist. They also mentioned that the trading system is based on the table ‘CRUD’ which stands for Create Read Update Delete. CRUD actually are the features that has no business logic and the trading system is one of such.

They mentioned, ” A trading system is a glorified table CRUD, with players offering, requesting and responding to data changes. It has no business logic, no game rules, no collision detection and no 3D rendering components, thus making it fairly simple.”



Pokemon GO Hub also estimated the month of release of Pokemon GO Trading to be October 2016. They haven’t just come up with a random date but have researched enough to make an “weekly effort estimate” for the Pokemon GO Trading.

Here’s the estimate time frame:

  • Product discussion and validation – 2 weeks.
  • Architecture overview and technical proof of concepts – 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Development period – 4 weeks.
  • Bug fixing and testing – 4 weeks
  • User acceptance training, regression training and architecture preparation – 3 weeks
Pokémon GO


Pokemon GO Hub was also the first website to leak Pokemon Go‘s recently released buddy system. So, we can expect their claim to be a valid one. If their researches and data mining turns out to be true we will definitely see the Pokemon GO Trading System in the fall this year.