Twitch Adds New ‘Social Eating’ Directory and Streamer Vomits Live on Inaugural Night

Twitch has added a new Social Eating directory to its website. It hasn’t taken off as a completely popular thing yet, but there are a bunch of streamers embracing the opportunity to eat food with their fans and friends, all with a camera in their face.

The idea for this streaming content is derived from Muk-bang, which is a popular form of entertainment in Korea. Essentially, it’s an online broadcast where a host interacts with viewers while eating an abundance of food.

Of course, there always has to be someone that ruins the fun for everyone else. Twitch streamer, bigwoodysauce, apparently ate so much food that it caused him to vomit. What’s even worse is that he decided to keep his stream on during the vomit session, allowing all of his viewers to watch it live.

This incident has been brought up on Reddit, and most people are completely grossed out by it (as am I).

Reddit users also bring up a lot of questions: Why he didn’t get up and make a run for the bathroom? Why didn’t he cut his stream off? How much food did he really eat in order for it to induce vomiting?
It seems that Twitch is no stranger to controversy, and this just adds to the list of bad things that can happen while streaming. It looks like Twitch is also working out the kinks in its terms of service, in order to include rules and regulations for streaming for Social Eating.
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The infamous puker has since been banned from Twitch due to his regurgitation issues. Lucky for us, someone uploaded a YouTube video of it. Feel free to check out how it went down in the video below.