Twitch to add this radical feature that will completely change their business model

Twitch recently announced they were going to start selling games, and now it’s finally coming into fruition.

So, why would you buy from Twitch instead of Steam or any of the other many online marketplaces for games?

Twitch hopes to sweeten the pot by offering you various rewards for buying your games through them, but there could be some unintended consequences that have a massive ripple effect on the overall culture of Twitch. They’re initially going to offer a few dozen games, with plans to add more.

First off, here are some of the rewards you’ll be able to earn: 

  • Twitch Crates
  • Chat Badges
  • Cheering Bits

The streamers themselves playing a game that’s available for purchase through Twitch will earn a 5% commission on every sale. The publishers earn 70%, and Twitch presumably keeps the rest.

On the surface, this sounds like a good way for streamers to make a little extra cash, but it could also lead to some problems. Will streamers be less likely to play games that aren’t for sale on Twitch? Will everyone flock to play the latest huge releases because they’re more likely to get sales?

On the one hand, it gives streamers an incentive to play the games that have the best chance of selling, and could hurt exposure for indie devs because 5% of $5 or $10 is a lot less than 5% of $60. On the other hand, people that would choose their games based on the ones that will earn them the most revenue and probabally already playing the most popular games to begin with.