Twitch Streamer Shoots Gun Inside His House During Livestream

If you ever needed a compelling argument to make it harder for people to own guns, this guy right here is the poster child.

This guy’s just chilling, streaming some Runescape, which is already a red flag, but we don’t want to alienate our Runescape-playing audience.

Out of nowhere, he stands up, grabs a gun, and shoots it at the floor.



Let’s hope this guy doesn’t live in an apartment. That’s everyone’s worst neighbor nightmare. Some of us have upstairs neighbors that blast their music at 6 in the morning, or make extremely loud love making noises at all hours of the day, but at least they’re not unloading clips into your living room. We’re really not sure what this guy was thinking, and he’s probably not letting thoughts dictate too many of his actions.

It seems like streamers are willing to do anything in order to get some attention, but it’s short lived. And then all you’ve got is a hole in your floor.