Ubisoft shares bad news about the most popular feature of Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has been on a bit of a roll lately in terms of news and info about releases that people were looking forward to, which comes as a contrast to some of the bad press they’ve historically gotten about certain decisions over the years.

This time around, people aren’t thrilled to learn that Ubisoft’s co-op mode for Far Cry 5 will only be available online, and not local. If you have a buddy over and want to play co-op, you’re out of luck – tell your friend to stay home because they’ll have to play online instead.

Upon original announcement, Ubisoft had said that Far Cry 5 would support full two-player co-op. However, they later followed up that “full” doesn’t include local co-op. So, “full, except for that thing that a lot of people want” would be a better way to describe it.

Having said that, other people don’t really care, but the initial statement still sounds misleading.

None the less, Far Cry 5 sounds like it’s going to be a great game, and Ubisoft also revealed what’s going to be included in the deluxe edition through their European store.

As far as physical content goes, the Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition will include: The game, along with deluxe key art. Also, a double-sided tourist map of Hope County, marked with numerous important areas from the game. Also, a copy of the soundtrack.

Along with that, there’s a handful of digital content that’s also included, such as: The big game hunter pack, the ace pilot pack, the explosive pack, the chaos pack, and some additional weapons.

Is this clarification going to change your plans on whether or not you’re going to pick this game up? Major disappointment, minor disappointment, or don’t care at all?

You’ll be able to grab your copy on February 27th, 2018, unless there are any changes to the Far Cry 5 release date.