Ubisoft is teasing a new Far Cry project

Ubisoft dropped a pretty big tease recently, in French, on their Facebook page. It was a message, along with the following image, that said “Une île que l’on n’a jamais vraiment quittée.

That translates to “An island that we never really left.” The image is a picture of the island from Far Cry 3, and to further spice up their hint, Ubisoft also posted the following image, with the caption “Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”

There are a few possibilities here. The next Far Cry game could be some kind of a prequel that takes a closer look at Vaas‘ backstory, since he’s such a popular villain. Maybe you’d even play as him? Or, this could be a teaser for Far Cry 5 that they’re showing off a little early, and going back to a previous story line from a game that was very well received, which is interesting given the quote about “doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

Any guesses are just wild speculation at this point. It could also be a refresh and re-release of Far Cry 3, for all we know. We’ll keep you posted as more clues emerge.