United Airlines Kicks Passenger Off Plane For Wearing Popular Superhero Hat


I hate commercial flights as much as the next guy (whatever that expression means). Crying babies, no room to stretch and if it’s a long flight; prepared to be shifting your sleeping position more times than a minute has seconds because it is not going to be comfortable.

When you thought it couldn’t be worse a passenger wearing a Black Panther baseball cap was told to remove his hat, a t-shirt and upside American flag because it made the pilot feel “uncomfortable”.

E-sports journalist Amanda Stevens tweeted images while on a United Airlines flight to Chicago. Stevens was on the way to the League of Legends quarterfinals but was told by flight staff that her shirt – an ASAP Rocky design – and a baseball cap with the logo of Marvel’s Black panther made the pilot feel uneasy.

The official United account replied to Stevens but let’s be honest, that conversation isn’t going nowhere. Maybe 50c off the next time she buys a drink there.

Stevens said that she’s flown in the shirt before but turned it inside out. The hat resulted in a tense exchange between her and an attendant Regarding the direct message on twitter, it resulted in Stevens returning to the service counter at the gate under the assumption that she’d be getting booked on the next flight. However, the United employees that Stevens was dealing with retreated to an employee’s-only area and she’s been waiting for acknowledgement for more than two hours.

Black panther

source: screenrant.com

Adding insult to injury, United responded to the matter but completely misidentified the person at hand.

United responded with a statement: “We have reached out to Ms. Campos to discuss her concerns. Our goal is to provide safe and comfortable travel for all of our customers and we regret that Ms. Campos was unhappy with the handling of the seat assignments on her flight. United holds our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

The statement sent by United appears to be addressing another situation from two weeks ago.