Veteran goes ballistic on Disrespectful Pokemon Go players at Memorial Park

A Vietnam War veteran couldn’t come to terms with the fact that tons of Pokemon Go players came to a memorial park for soldiers, of which he is the manager. The guy went off on players who came to play the game in the park and soon things escalated.

The vet felt that by playing Pokemon at the park, they were showing disrespect to the vets and people should only visit the park to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers. Some Pokemon Go players seemed to disagree.

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This led to a confrontation among both the groups, and soon things got a little out of hand with the vet since he almost exchanged blows with the guy who was recording the altercation. He also took apart a canopy they had setup to rest under while in the park.



Police was called and soon arrived at the scene. We’re not really sure who is at fault here, but check out the video below: