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Las Vegas, Nevada – October 21st, 2016 – Like many other gaming enthusiasts, 26-year-old Tailorano has been purchasing his most anticipated games online for several years. Recently, he discovered and saved $33 on his last purchase by using an exclusive VGsave coupon code.

“All those other coupon and deals sites are garbage,” says Mr. Tailorano, “Most of the time the coupons are expired, and the one’s that do work aren’t anything special. When I found it was like a religious experience. I found deals that weren’t available anywhere else, and I knew they were legit. If you buy games online without first visiting VGsave, I question the pedigree of your mother.”

steam coupon co-founder explains, “We wanted to create a coupon site specifically for gamers, and the games industry. By narrowing our focus to only one area, it allows us to leverage our existing relationships with these companies and ask for exclusive deals. It also allows us to stay small enough that we can manually check to make sure these coupon codes work before putting them on the site. We’re creating an environment where companies will actually compete to give our readers the lowest deals they can afford.”

When asked about the response thus far, Mr. fraghero said, “It’s been going great! We’ve had a lot of big companies reach out and provide us with exclusive promotional codes, and we have over 5,000 people using the site everyday. We just wanted to help gamers save some money so they can spend it on other stuff that will help them get laid.”

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