This Video Is Causing PewDiePie To Lose 500k Subscribers Every Hour

Earlier today, Pewdiepie did a collaboration video with h3h3productions.

They pretended that Pewdiepie charged him 50k for the collab, played some setup phonecalls between Pewdiepie’s manager and Ethan from h3h3, and showed behind the scenes clips of Pewdiepie basically having a terrible attitude about the whole thing, demanding more money, and being impossible to work with, before having a meltdown after watching a video about a casual homosexual encounter.

It was all a prank, obviously. These two are buddies, and thought it would be funny to troll Youtube with a video showing Pewdiepie charging a fortune for collaborations.

Here’s the original video that started causing people to unsub from Pewdiepie:

Some people took it seriously, and started unsubscribing from Pewdiepie’s channel in droves. Originally, Ethan from h3h3 thought that people just hated the video so much that he was ruining Pewdiepie’s reputation to cause this mass exodus, but it turned out that a lot of top channels are losing MASSIVE amounts of subscribers every second.

“This is the greatest Youtube bug ever, everybody’s channel is collapsing. It’s like The Joker became the CEO of Youtube, it’s pure chaos.” – Ethan

Apparently, there’s a glitch on Youtube where you can subscribe to a channel, and then if you unsubscribe they actually lose TWO subscribers, so there are got huge groups of people sitting around clicking subscribe and unsubscribe over and over, causing top channels to tank rapidly.

When there has been glitches with subscribers in the past, Youtube generally denies it and says nothing is wrong, but these guys know the patterns of their channels and they know when something is amiss. This time, it’s unique that Youtube would actually acknowledge the problem.

Other top channels rapidly losing subscribers:

In a follow up video, Ethan goes over the whole thing, and reveals the glitch. He says that Pewdiepie’s channel was losing about 8000 subscribers per minute, which works out just shy of a million subscribers every two hours. It seems like it’s just impacting the way subscribers display, and people aren’t actually being removed from these channels, but this has all come to light in the past few moments so we’ll have to see how it all pans out.