Video emerges showing Legendary Pokémon Articuno guarding a Pokémon Go gym

Earlier today we reported that someone in Ohio has claimed to capture a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The Pokemon in question is the Legendary bird Articuno, and now video footage has emerged showing the bird guarding the Pokemon Go gym.


To be fair, this definitely doesn’t look like Photoshop as the animations and textures look as legit, but it’s still unclear how the girl managed to get the Pokemon. There have been many instances in the past where players have managed to hack the game to make Ditto appear in the game, as well as getting unlimited Pokecoins, so it’s safe to say that a hack should not be ruled out.

However, none of them had managed to use the hacked Pokemon to guard a gym, so this is definitely a first. Take a look at the video to see the Legendary bird in motion, as well as hear our thoughts about how she managed to do this: