This New Tech makes Videogame Graphics look Better than Real Life

We are all aware of the amazingly rapid advancement of technology. Everyday through our social media feeds we are shown more and more things that seem like they are 20 years away, not just round the corner.

This also, of course, applies to video game technology. But you may be surprised at how far we’ve already come.

artbyrens unreal 3

This technology has already been used in some triple AAA titles, such as Star Wars: Battlefront, to help develop the landscapes seen in the game. It’s a reasonable expectation then, that we’re not far off from many games containing graphics so real we can’t tell the difference between the virtual world and reality.

Yep, the text you see on the image is correct. It is indeed not a photo. What it is, is an image developed through a process called “photogrammetry”. “Photogrammetry” is the process in which photos are taken of real things and places, and then uploaded into a computer to create hyper-realistic 3D landscapes.

Here, like a highly advanced version of Photoshop, artists can add their own designs or change the images to suit their desires. Take a look at a few images below as a result of this – artbyrens unreal 1

artbyrens unreal 2


There’s also a video that explains how these astounding visual effects are bought to life blurring the line between virtual and real.

A video showing 3D landscapes developed using photogrammetry can be seen here. What you can see is running at 4K resolution in Unreal engine 4, and was created by former DICE artist Rense de Boer.


The video is a treat to watch and just makes you wonder how soon is too soon for these effects to be actually utilized in videogames. DICE already used some aspects of it in its latest release Star Wars: Battlefront.

Take a look at the video –


What are your thoughts? Are hyper-realistic games the next big step in gaming? Or should graphics remain at a level where we can tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t?