This videogame lets you fight ISIS as a Kurdish female fighter

Here’s a different take that we’re not used to seeing in games about war. There’s no shortage of games that re-enact historical battles, but games can also tell a more modern story, and we’re not talking about modern in the sense that you jump off of walls in space.

There are some horrific things going on in our world today, and games can be a great way to bring them to light and to make people aware, especially when they may be numb to the media’s coverage. For instance, the plight of the Yazidi is absolutely tragic. A videogame isn’t going to fix everything, but it will make more people aware, and hopefully that awareness can translate into something more significant.


Insurgency: Sandstorm is an upcoming first person shooter of the tactical variety. It takes place in Iraq, right now, and you can play as a female Yazidi soldier who managed to escape from IS, but turns the tables to a point where IS are the ones who need to escape from her. The game is being developped by New World, and will be available on PC and PS4.

“Thematically, the game is inspired by real events and people, however this is a fictional story and characters. The narrative shifts the typical shooter inspiration away from blockbuster military power fantasy movies more towards a dark and understated indie film rooted in reality,” the company added.

Many Kurdish women have been fighting to the death against ISIS, who have been capturing and enslaving them, and committing horrific acts.

It has been reported that ISIS soldiers feel great shame at the idea of being defeated by female soldiers, as it goes against their beliefs for these strong and brave women to have combat roles, so not only are they killing terrorist scumbags, but they’re bringing them shame in the process. It’s hard to call such a tragic situation a “win-win”, but anything that kills ISIS members while making them feel bad is good news.