Realistic Virtual Reality Guns are about to make Shooter Games Insanely Fun

The Striker VR (Virtual Recoil) was originally designed for military use, to simulate firing a real gun and prepare soldiers for all of the sensations of war. The haptic virtual reality accessory features realistic recoil and can simulate multiple firing modes including single shot, full auto, and burst. With the proliferation of virtual reality hardware and entertainment, the consumer market for realistic accessories is quickly expanding. The development kit is open and allows for different modes to be created in the future, fazer gun pew pew anybody? The Infinity v1 is slated for public release soon and is poised to lead the pack in an exciting new category of virtual reality peripherals.

striker vr 1

First person shooter games are known to place the player in the center of the action, but the unrealistic aiming mechanics of a controller or mouse and keyboard have always left something to be desired. As we enter a new phase of more immersive virtual reality gaming experiences, the proliferation of realistic peripherals that simulate in-game objects is a logical progression.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 2.03.14 PM

Popular VR shooting games like Hot Dogs, Horeshoes, and Hand Grendades on the HTC Vive have done a decent job of creating a gesture based shooting experience utilizing all purpose controllers, but a realistic gun can be a game changer for obvious reasons.

Firing a gun is one of the most interesting use cases of virtual reality in gaming. There is a massively popular and ever expanding nebula of gun based games which publishers and hardware manufacturers are keen to capitalize on.

Here is a brief video demonstrating the Striker Infinity V1