Watch the epic final minutes before Planetside closed forever


The servers of the MMOFPS game Planetside closed forever on July 1 after 13 years of service. Planetside was released back in May 2003.

The game’s player base has decreased drastically mainly due to the release of Planetside 2 in 2012. To add to that, even the development team too moved on from the game which resulted in no updates and support, and the players felt neglected.



The players, who remained loyal to the game or came back for the last showdown, however, were definitely lucky to be a part of the great finale before the closing down of the game’s servers for good. It perhaps was one of the greatest endings ever.

The final few moments of epic ending of the game were captured by YouTube user Steven Messner, and he turned it into an awesome video.

The developers, Daybreak Game Company (earlier known as Sony Online Entertainment), were definitely able to give the players a great farewell.

Have a look at the video of the final few minutes of the ending below: