World Record For In-Game Gold Earned Has Been Broken and The Amount is Incredible

They say the true measure of success isn’t about riches at all, and you should never count how much your neighbor has unless it’s to make sure they have enough. They say you should never look down on someone unless you’re offering them a hand up. Those people have obviously never tried to break the Spelunky world record for most gold earned.



Spelunky is an interesting game, there are a lot of variables that have made for some really cool world records. Someone beat the game in under two minutes, other people have done runs with no gold.

But the latest record is the craziest yet.

Kinnijup has secured the world record for the most gold earned, at a staggering $3,526,575.

There may not be a black market for Spelunky gold, but 3.5m is worth at least a few grand in bragging rights at the current exchange rate.



It took over four hours to achieve this milestone, you can witness it for yourself below. If you don’t have the patience to watch the entire thing, don’t worry – just skip near the end, the final moments are very nerve-racking.

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If you want to try to break this record for yourself, make sure you capture video proof of it. Good luck with that…