This is the worst thing about the latest PS4 Firmware Update

Sony’s system software update is now live. Despite the new features update v4.50 offers there is one major flaw that every PlayStation 4 owner should know before downloading it.

Image: GamesRadar

Some notable features update v4.50 offer include external hard drive support and customizable wallpapers. However, PS4 owners who have downloaded the new update have complained about the new Notifications Menu.

Image: PlayStation Lifestyle

Despite many complaints in the past that the Notifications Menu was flawed, the latest update has made the problem worse. In the past, notifications used multiple tabs to indicate all the information regarding your system, however, this new update eliminates the tabs and has piled everything up together making it an unorganized mess.

Image: gamrConnect

Currently, Sony has not commented on the issue. Hopefully, the company will release a patch to revert the notifications menu back to its original state.