Xbox exec takes a shot at Sony, says Project Scorpio doesn’t need this feature PS4 Pro has

Albert Penello, who is a Sr. Director – Product Management and Planning at Microsfot, has been making a lot of tweets regarding the Xbox Scorpio, ever since Digital Foundry revealed its official specs.

He took a sly dig at Sony during one such Tweet, when a fan inquired if the Xbox Scorpio will have a boost mode similar to the PS4 Pro for making old games perform better. To this, he replied something which was unexpected –

It’s clear Microsoft is feeling very confident about its upcoming console and the specifications does reveal it’s indeed the most powerful console ever made. However, a lot of factors would decide whether it’s a success or not.

Microsoft needs to have a strong E3 this year, showing off a lot of exclusive games and also needs to ensure the price of the device, which is already expected to cost $499 or more, doesn’t send out the wrong signals to gamers.