This Xbox OneX Game Had the Most Real Time Viewers for Its E3 Reveal

This year’s E3 has been nothing short of incredible, and Microsoft wanted to make sure they ended their conference with a bang. For that, they chose to showcase a new game that puts the hardware of newly announced Xbox OneX to the test.

That game is Anthem.

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Credit: BioWare

Not only did Anthem pull in the most viewers out of all the other reveals at E3, but it was so good that it had people wondering if it was even running on the stock version of Microsoft’s next-gen console. Anthem, which runs on the Frostbite engine, is an open world 3rd-person shooter. It’s also free from loading screens, a very exciting feature that also happens to be incredibly taxing on the hardware. Because of how good the game looked and ran in the demo, people doubted that the game was actually being played on a stock OneX.

Credit: BioWare

However, a third party ran some tests on the demo version of the game and found that it was very possible that the Anthem demo was actually played on a stock OneX. Microsoft’s newest console, which the company claims is going to be the most powerful console ever, had no problem running a seamless open world game built on the hardware-intensive Frostbite Engine at 2160p. Pretty incredible, if you ask me.

Credit: BioWare

Anthem doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but expect to see it on shelves sometime next year for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.