After years, Elite: Dangerous players have finally found aliens in the game

Elite: Dangerous is a game that takes place in space, where you’ve got to explore and trade, and battle, all around the Milky Way. After a delay, the game was funded via kickstarter. It’s currently available for PC, Xbox One, and the PS4 version is coming in a few months. Despite your actions having an impact on the overall narrative of the world, there’s one thing that’s been missing in this space-based game… Aliens.


image: remowilliams/youtube

There have been various little hints that players weren’t alone, and there were other forms of intelligent life in space, but until just now, nothing had been confirmed. Was it just a co-incidence that it hadn’t happened until now, or were aliens officially added to the game in a quiet update? We’ll find out, based on whether or not more sightings start to occur. First Contact with the aliens has not only been recorded by a player, but confirmed by the developers.

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The game can feel lonely at times, when you’re floating through space, especially if you throw on Space Oddity.

image: remowilliams/youtube

image: remowilliams/youtube

You can imagine that it would be quite a chilling experience to finally encounter aliens in this game. As you fly around, you know in the back of your head that maybe there’s something else out there, but nobody has seen it yet. Then it appears. Check it out: