You can never guess what the 5 highest rated games on Steam are

As you may well know by now, Steam has become one of the most in-demand game platforms in the present day. The online platform hosts over 15,000 games and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.

PC gamers have always argued that their gaming platform is the best of the bunch. So then, what are the five highest user rated games on the market? The results are pretty surprising.

User rating: 98%

The fifth highest rated game amongst Steam users is the Japanese anime game, NEKOPARA VOL. 2. You’re probably thinking “What is that?!” and we don’t blame you. The game took us by surprise when we researched it.

The second volume to NEKOPARA is actually an adult visual novel. Essentially, the point of the game is to own “Catgirls” and treat them like pets. The player has no influence on how the story pans out but it seems as if everybody loves the journey the game offers.

The game has an “overwhelmingly positive” review and has scraped its way into the top five highest rated games on Steam from thousands of others.

One user even reviewed the anime game plain and simple “Come on guys why are reading the reviews buy the game already its Nekopara. Nekos man all those those lovely nekos dont question your wallet or sanity and just buy it”. With an 18+ certificate, we strongly advise you to keep this purchase away from your children.