YouTube Briefly Removed A 7 Year Old Gaming Video Because of Family Guy

If you didn’t happen to catch last week’s Family Guy episode, it involved the guys playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the games they played in the episode was Double Dribble, a basketball game that had a 3 pointer glitch. However, the YouTube video was taken down by Fox briefly due to copyright issues.

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The video that was used in the episode came from sw1tched, who originally uploaded the video back in 2009. The only difference really between the original YouTube video and the Family Guy episode was that the CPU’s team was labeled as 2UP in the episode, along with added narrations from Peter, Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire.

If you watch the two videos side by side, you can clearly see that Family Guy either used the video, or created an exact replica of it (which is doubtful).

Family Guy (Fox Network)

Family Guy (Fox Network)

“…but no stupid ass shots from the corner, because that’s a glitch in the software.”

-Cleveland, Family Guy

Fortunately, the video was only down for a couple of days. Whether it was detected by a program designed to compare YouTube videos to television shows, or if it was actually Fox’s way to symbolize a middle finger was unclear at the time.

Either way, the video was down long enough for fans to speak out and criticize the network for using the video in the first place and using it as their own for an episode. Even Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, addressed the issue on Twitter.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Tecmo Bowl, another NES game, was used in the same episode. It appears that the football game endured the same punishment from Fox as well. The original video was uploaded nine years ago.

The YouTube videos have since been restored and is available for anyone to watch. Fox did issue a statement regarding the mishap.

“The video in question was removed as a result of Fox’s routine efforts to protect its television show Family Guy from piracy. As soon as we became aware of the circumstances, the content was restored.”

I don’t think anyone really understands how Fox could have claimed that the Double Dribble video was a piracy issue since it was originally uploaded seven years ago.

You can watch the clip from the Family Guy episode below, along with the original Double Dribble video by sw1tched to compare the two.