Youtuber Shows How To Get Impossible Flare Gun Kills in Battlefield 1

Why would you just simply kill your opponent with a run of the mill gun when you can psychologically¬†ruin them for the rest of the match? With a normal kill, they’re going to respawn and move on from it. If you can completely demoralize them, instead, they’ll play poorly until the match is done. You don’t just want to beat your opponent, you want to defeat them mentally, physically, spiritually, and in any other ways you can imagine, too. What’s more demoralizing than getting killed with an item that’s not even supposed to kill you?

image: willy mammoth/youtube

image: willy mammoth/youtube

This is the type of tactic that will separate you from the pack. Everyone wants to be a beast, but nobody wants to do what beasts do. What would a beast do? They’d kill their opponents using flare guns in Battlefield 1, obviously.

Speaking of beasts, Willy Mammoth drops some serious knowledge in this video:

Separate yourself from mediocrity by employing the same tactics that are used by true gaming combat veterans. Let everyone else duke it out in the trenches while you watch from afar and lob deadly flares in their general directions.

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